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segunda-feira, janeiro 24, 2005

kinky bill [*]

"he wants you to touch his floppy"
"Of course he does, because he wants his floppy to become big and hard. It's currently microsoft."


sábado, janeiro 22, 2005

"stop the spread of Viral Link Popularity" [*]

Bunny suicides [*]

sexta-feira, janeiro 21, 2005

World Beard and Moustache Championships [*]

Found Magazine [*]

Tape Findings [*]

quinta-feira, janeiro 20, 2005

Garden of Forking Paths [*]

segunda-feira, janeiro 17, 2005

Orisinal [*]

"Current works. Flash games, effects, experiments."
Ferry Halim

terça-feira, janeiro 11, 2005

Quiet American [*]

"I am opinionated and verbose. To those who suffer for these things I offer this: what I hear when I am quiet."

cluetrain manifesto [*]

"# We are immune to advertising. Just forget it."

segunda-feira, janeiro 10, 2005

Chez Maria [*]

"Esse facto associado ao sorriso fixo e de orelha a orelha do homem do talho levou-me a concluir que o negócio dele era mesmo carne. Não a do talho, mas a minha." link

sexta-feira, janeiro 07, 2005

"Ingredientes para el Shooter Perfecto" [*]

- Guión, motor facial, texturas y sonido de Half Life 2
- Modelos, sombras, enemigos, bumpmaps y mala leche de Doom III
- Las playas, vehículos y longitud de Far Cry
- Las armas del primer Quake
- La carnaza de Rise of the Triad y de Painkiller
- El realismo de Mafia
- La libertad de Grand Theft Auto
- El motor físico de Blade
- Las llamas de Unreal II
- La simplicidad de Halo y Quake III
- La IA de Call of Duty
- La música y el diseño de niveles de Medal of Honor y RTCW
- El tiempo bala y los monólogos de Max Payne
- El sigilo de Hitman y Splinter Cell
- Las artes marciales de Enter the Matrix
- El suspense de AVP 2
- La posibilidad de romper las paredes, como en Red Faction
- El humor de Duke Nukem 3d
- El sable laser y los poderes de la Fuerza de Jedi Knight II
in Scumm blog

quinta-feira, janeiro 06, 2005

new york city walk [*]

segunda-feira, janeiro 03, 2005

The church of stop shopping [*]

"Put your hands on the computer screen, children.
Put the ODD back in GOD."

are you generic? [*]

"Trash TV
Television sucks you in, evaporating your energy and diminishing your will to think. We sit limp and stare thoughtless in front of a box that never lets us disagree, interact, or talk back. We absorb the artificial, the fake -- corporate-sponsored News disguised as truth, the plastic sitcom disguised as vibrant life.
It is not a babysitter; it is not your best friend; it is not art; it is not exercise. Moderate your use. Turn it off to make time for loving, playing, painting, and reading. Trash your TV."

"End Branding
Our breathing room, our surfaces, and our airwaves are cluttered by undue advertising. Why sacrifice the one area suitable to protest, the only space we have left to claim - our body. We will not allow ourselves to be branded, categorized, and manufactured by a name."

"Blogs Are All the Hype, But Who the Hell Reads Them?"

"After surfing a while on blogger I have come to realize that there are way too many bloggers for anyone to care about. From what I have seen on average people get five or less visitors per day. Out of a hundred blog sites less than ten had comments under the posts. Google doesn't find much content on the blogs either."



# Never come home late in the dark - CHAD will always leave the light on for you!
# Be alerted by cell phone or email if someone is at your home while you are not!
# Save energy by having CHAD turn off lights/appliances when they are not needed!
# Keep track of your busy lifestyle with CHAD's built in Calender. Even get reminded via email or cell!
# Never miss a favorite TV show or movie! CHAD will search your TV Guide and remind you when your shows are on!
# Wonder who's calling? CHAD will provide a friendly announcement as the phone rings!
# Use cameras to see what's happening at your home - from anywhere!

in www.improvingtomorrow.com