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segunda-feira, janeiro 03, 2005

are you generic? [*]

"Trash TV
Television sucks you in, evaporating your energy and diminishing your will to think. We sit limp and stare thoughtless in front of a box that never lets us disagree, interact, or talk back. We absorb the artificial, the fake -- corporate-sponsored News disguised as truth, the plastic sitcom disguised as vibrant life.
It is not a babysitter; it is not your best friend; it is not art; it is not exercise. Moderate your use. Turn it off to make time for loving, playing, painting, and reading. Trash your TV."

"End Branding
Our breathing room, our surfaces, and our airwaves are cluttered by undue advertising. Why sacrifice the one area suitable to protest, the only space we have left to claim - our body. We will not allow ourselves to be branded, categorized, and manufactured by a name."

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