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quinta-feira, agosto 18, 2005


"Ok, so the DRM is in the Kernal, right?
And the Kernal is Darwin, right?
And Darwin is open source.
So what stops someone from changing the kernal to run without the DRM and then making an altered version of OS X?"

"It is a kernel extension, not in the kernel per se. They found that some things required the symbols that are in the extension, in the kernel, so it is, but it isn't in the kernel - just a dependency of it so they don't have to open source it. But I think you will find some one will make a kext with the same name and symbols and use that to over come it. Just create a new install dvd with the new kext that emulates all the functions of the original one and bam, you can install os x on any machine."

it would be nice ...

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